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Last week Tierra Destiny Reid (TDR) kicked off her 2012 Design Your Destiny (DYD 2012) Tour. This 3 city tour is idea for entrepreneurs looking for solid information for better returns in business.  In signature TDR style this event was enlightening, empowering and inspirational for everyone in attendance. The intimate setting provided the perfect opportunity to passionate, ambitious women on a budget to get key points on building a business from America’s favorite business bootstrapper-Tierra Destiny Reid.

The infectious energy from the beloved Tierra exuded throughout the room as solid and authentic connections were formed with women from all walks of life.  Tierra, who is known for her straight talk, spared no one in her transparent and open conversation for women designing their destiny. From the panelists in the afternoon to the décor and brisk air of the Stone Mountain breeze, Design Your Destiny Kickoff Tour in Atlanta also presented a spiritual awakening that I needed badly.

Unbeknownst to many, I am a lover of nature and most things from the Earth. I enjoy camping, hiking and exploring the wonders of God.  In the midst of nature I find peace, tranquility and clarity unlike anywhere else. DYD 2012 offered a serene setting along with a major breakthrough in my life.

For me DYD 2012 marked the beginning of a new chapter in life that for many years was plagued with fear, self-doubt of actually having the life I really dream of, but not necessarily truly believing I could have.

By nature I am an encourager I can root you own you and cheer you to the end. I can also help you strategize a number of ways to get to the end, but don’t expect me to join you.

Tierra’s own is a personal story of resilience, tenacity and stepping out on faith despite fear. Oops there is that “F” word again, but it’s a 4-letter word that will keep you running in circle, underestimating and settling your entire life if you don’t put it in its proper place. DYD 2012 provided the outlet for me to do so.

From understanding your market to understanding the role friends and associates position will play in your circle, we were encouraged to allow our WHY’s to be the driving force in creating the life we dreamed.

There was a lot of talk around gifts, interest and passion. Obviously in a room full of creative and innovative minds you have women with multiple talents and abilities, but passion according to TDR is “That thing you do when you are supposed to working” or as Alisha Gordon author of  Find the Pieces blog puts it like this “That thing you would do for free” is your passion. We all have it however; it’s usually a matter of how to turn it from a hobby to an income.

One of the most resounding personal messages from Tierra that constantly rings in my head is “Use what you have right now”. That’s a big deal for me, because I am person who wants it the way I want it right now. I’m learning that practicing excellence is far better than striving for perfection.  Striving for perfection leaves no room for growth and will choke the very breath you breathe if you’re not careful.

DYD 2012 was rich in practical information not just from TDR, but from other Atlanta entrepreneurs. Here’s what they had to say:

Reach out to blogger in the field you’re in. Tamara Eckles-Jem of the South.

Capitalize on current events.-Alisha Gordon

Whatever you decide is what you give.-TDR

I got rid of the time snatcher in my life. –Regina Jones Jackson-Coffee Brown Cosmetics

Stay in your lane. -Lorea Sample-Uncommon Scents

Don’t focus on the storm-Evelyn Lambert-Evelyn Lambert’s Designs

We self teach by asking questions.-TDR

When you step out of your comfort zone keep walking.- Regina Jones Jackson Coffee Brown Cosmetics

Be ready for the people closest to you who will turn on you.-R. Pamela Adams-The Bizlynks Center

Allow yourself to move through the storm.-TDR

Whew! That was just a taste of the hefty knowledge and encouragement saturating the room. This weekend DYD 2012 was in Washington,DC and next week in Columbia, South Carolina. You have one more opportunity to experience women empowered, charged and ready to play their part in designing their destiny.

You owe it to yourself to live the life you dream unapologetically without regrets. It’s not until you take the first steps as I did and countless other women, will the life you desire to live is realized. God is waiting to guide will you ask for His guidance?

To Living Life on Purpose,


Ms. Queenly and Confident

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